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Welcome to Wine and Couture!
First I must thank my Nana for giving me the confidence to start this blog!  Love you!


Where do you live?
I live in Chapel Hill, NC near Carrboro!
My husband and I have lived all over RTP for the last 15+ years.
Originally I am from Alexandria, VA (aka Old Town)

What is your profession?
I am an Accountant.  Currently I work in Financial Accounting in the private sector.
I have my AA degree and will graduate with my Undergrad in 2018.  My goal is to sit for the CPA exam by the end of 2018.

How long have you been married?
I have been married 12 years (2016).  It has been a bumpy road but one filled with some amazing times and great love.  My husband is my best-friend and rock!

Do you have children?
We do not have 'human' children, but we are the proud furry parents to 4 babies!  We have two dogs (Poopaw-11, and Dolly-7) and two cats (Sweetness-6, and Sammich - 1).  After 7 years of trying for a baby we accepted that it wasn't meant to be and have opened our home and hearts to rescues.