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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sweatshirt and a Dress

Happy New Year!!!

I love wearing leggings.  They are so forgiving of excess weight!  However, wearing leggings means I need a long top to cover things (like my butt).  This dress is perfect!  It's a sweatshirt and so comfortable to wear.  Also, they say it's a dress but I am 5'9" so it's more like a tunic.  If you are shorter than it will be longer on you.  Plus at under $20 it's a perfect buy!  I feel like the stripes on the arms really give it style instead of just wearing a solid black hooded dress.

Another item I love wearing are my hunter boots!  They are comfortable and I just ordered these boot socks so I can wear my Hunter's into winter and be warm.  I went with gray instead of a bright color so they would go with everything I own and last through the years as a staple piece.  I actually found mind at a consignment store for $60!  So yes, you can get Hunter's and not break the bank.  Which for me is very important.  I tend to purchase all my major items this way, like my LV Speedy bag.  The only thing I paid new price for were my Cole Han boots, but those were on sale with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my first "Lesson's with an Accountant" post!  I hope you will come back this month for my post on Budgeting and sticking to it.


  1. Love love love love this look. I'm tall too, so I'm glad you said this gives you the coverage you need. So buying! How can you not?! It's under $20!

    How has your experience with Romwe been? I heard the quality can be hit or miss sometimes.

    Safaniya Stevenson
    Burly + Puff

  2. Love this dress. Cozy & casual


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