Wine & Couture: Layering Top Staple
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Monday, November 13, 2017

Layering Top Staple

photography by Sharon 

I love the BP brand that Nordstrom carries.  They have the best long sleeve tops!  I get 3-4 new ones each year.  This is one I picked up this year.  For under $40 these tops are perfect for layering and styling in the fall and winter.  This top is a little different because of the side slit.  If you aren't careful you can look a little thick wearing this, which is why I opted for a front tuck to give it some structure.

I knew I wanted to shoot at a pumpkin patch but I wasn't sure where to find one that would be alright with my taking pictures.  After my Christmas Tree incident last year I try to be real careful.  Sharon suggested we check out the Raleigh Farmers Market.  After 5 on a Monday they are slow and most booths are closed, which is perfect if you want pictures!  I love all the different sizes and colors pumpkins come in.  Being it is still real warm I didn't purchase one but I got a few ideas for my front porch!

This is another pair of my favorite jeans!  These are so soft and effortless.  I usually wear these to work since the distressing is minimal.  Hands down my go to brand.  Sadly they are currently sold out but I wanted to link the exact pair so you would know what brand. 


  1. Love this look! I need to check out these tops! I have a long torso, and I know you are also tall, so I love to see what too you pick out. This looks so comfy and versatile!

  2. This is a cute outfit! I like that top - I think it could be styled in many different ways. Thanks!

  3. Looks like a perfect top for fall!

  4. I love loose fitting tops, they are my life!!! Such a cute fall outfit, perfect for the cool days ahead.

  5. That top looks so so comfy! And I love those sunglasses! The perfect look for fall :)


  6. I adore your bag! it's the cutest

  7. BP is a great brand and typically very affordable!


  8. I also love BP brand! Great wardrobe essentials and fall outfits!


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