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Monday, October 23, 2017

Casual Midi

I love dressing down a skirt!  I styled this skirt here, with a chunky sweater for a hipster vibe.  I wanted to style it in a fun way with a graphic tank!  Adding a jean jacket pulls it all together.  I could have gone with sneakers but decided these peep toe mules were perfect.  Linked above is a similar tank that I want to add to my collection.  This is totally something I would wear to work.

My husband and I have been working hard on getting our finances back in line so we can purchase a home.  I am excited we are meeting our goals and will start house hunting the end of this year!  Dealing with debt and monthly expenses is not a fun thing to do, but it's part of being an Adult.  I found I was shopping a ton and didn't really need to.  So I have stopped.  It's hard, like quitting smoking (which I did years ago).  Of course when it comes to blogging I want to share new fun styling tips and tricks but find I am uninspired when I don't have new clothing items.  Plus blogging is such a competitive industry; as a blogger it's hard to feel people want to read your blog if you don't have the newest and greatest.  In order to find a compromise I have reached out to a few brands about working with them to bring you engaging content. Also, you will notice my side bar has been updated with a few new stoppable links.  I do earn money with clicks and purchases.  Please consider supporting this small blog with a few clicks.  This allows me to earn a little money that I put right back into this blog.  I appreciate all your support.


  1. That's awesome you all are going to start to house hunting, congrats!! I hope you all have a ton of fun! And that outfit is super cute - I adore the casual style!

  2. Love the denim jacket! I love wearing mine with maxi dresses.

  3. Yes to Champagne Showers! Great tee, love the casual chic look.

  4. Congratulations on the house hunting. Have you ever thought of how to post like how to style a scarf x numbers of ways? That would work great for posts.

    1. Melissa!!! Love you, the scarf suggestion is perfect! I will add to my list.

  5. This looks like the perfect brunching outfit! Congrats and good luck on the house hunting process! :)

  6. I love dressing skirts up or down! You styled this in such a cute way.


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