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Monday, September 11, 2017

Distressed Denim

I bit the bullet so to speak and purchased these ripped knee jeans.  I have seen them on other bloggers and have liked the look of black jeans like these.  This pair is high waist with an raw hem and distressing.  At 38 years old I have to be careful with what I wear.  I don't want to be mistaken for someone trying to dress younger than they are.  That raises the question though of what does a 38 year old dress like?

I totally get annoyed when I get carded for alcohol.  I have let my hair go white/grey because 1. it's easier to deal with and 2. the coloring is I think it helps me not look so young.  One of the hardest things I have had to overcome in my career is people not taking me serious because I look so young.  Granted when I am 70 I will be amazingly well preserved, lol.
One of my best friends is in her 20's.....she calls me 'mom' lol.  Of course when she wants to chat at 9pm she knows I am already in bed and calls me 'grandma' then.  As my grandmother would say Early to Bed, Early to Rise.  I am totally a morning person.   But now I am getting off topic, what ever that was to begin with.

I ordered these mules on a whim....Every girl needs a bright colored pair of shoes.  I love these, not only because of the color but the fun bow.  Mules have been my go to this fall.  I currently own 3 pair of flats and 1 pair with a heel.  I get the itch to purchase more, but we have some finance things to take care of.  No More Shopping is what the husband has said.  Which honestly is totally fine with me.  I am working at loosing weight and getting healthy.  I have already seen a difference in my waist line with my adjusted diet.  Basically I eat more fruits and veggies.  I also log my food to track my calories. It really makes me think before I order out, or eat something.  These jeans are snug but I wanted them to fit in a few months when I have lost more weight.
So I know I said I would only be posting 1-2 times a month, but I guess fall gave me the blogging bug.  Plus, fellow blogger Angela at The Ultimate Fashionista and I have started shooting each other. She took these pics for me.  Let me tell you she is amazing!  She is older than I and just fabulous.  I love her bold style.
Quick shift back to this outfit.  I love a simple tank that can be dressed up or down.  I have this one here, here, and just added this grommet trim tank.  You can never own too many white tanks or tee's!  This will look so cute under a jean jacket, blazer, or bomber.  I have already worn it a few times, but knew I wanted a neutral outfit to wear with these mules.  To tie everything together I added this scarf, another staple.  I couldn't find this exact color combo for under $30. but linked the same brand in a different color above.  I live in this scarf and my J Crew leopard scarf in the fall.  They are both the perfect neutral to go with any outfit.

Happy Monday!  I am at home completing 2, yes I said 2 tests.  Last week was so crazy at work that I had little time to get school work done.  Plus Monday was a holiday which threw me completely off.  So I am cramming to get 2 tests done today.  I spent from 10am till 7pm Sunday studying, of course I took a break to eat and run an errand.  I have to take a moment to praise my wonderful husband.  While I studied he did laundry, folded and put clothes away, cooked for me, and cleaned up after.  He is the best and so sweet to take care of things so I can study.

What is 1 style you want to try but haven't?


  1. Gorgeous outfit, Lee! The jeans look great with this scarf!

  2. Where is this neat location?

    I wish grey hair would be more mainstream for beauty!

  3. you are amazing and you look fantastic!!!!

  4. Awesome outfit and yes Angela is amazing. Love that you have such a supportive husband and you look amazing.

  5. I love this look! The grommets on the tank add a cool, unique element to it.

  6. You look amazing! I'm also particular about what I wear. As a 36 year old mother I don't want people to think that I'm trying to dress younger. I can dress fabulous while being age appropriate!

  7. LOVE those mules, I checked out the Nordstroms and I am thinking of getting them in the mustard color! So cute! Hope you did well on your test!



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