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Monday, July 17, 2017

Farm to Table

I love supporting local, especially Farmers!  I thought I would share a few tips I have learned when shopping my local Farmer's Market.

1.  Go Early!  Items sell out quickly.
The flower you see in the picture, Celosia (yes I had to look up the name).  When I got to the vendor who sells these there was a lady literally taking them all.  I walked up beside her to look, when she stopped picking up the flowers and looked at me I smiled and swooped in for 2.  People can be seriously cut throat.

2. If you aren't familiar with the vendors, take a lap around to check out who has what.
I prefer to shop the vendors who aren't supper busy.  They are so happy you are there they will chat with you.  I prefer the personal service.  Plus it can get crowded around the small tables and well I don't like people that much, lol
3. Take your own bag.
I use this bag my SIL brought me from the DRCongo.  It holds so much and easy to clean.  I put my veggies on the scale and then in my bag.  This makes checking out and moving on go quicker.  Trust me people are cut throat.  I actually couldn't walk away one day because I had two older ladies almost fighting to pay next.  They totally boxed me in.

4. Know what's in season and what you want to purchase
This will make shopping more enjoyable, at least for me.  I knew I wanted a veggie tray, which meant Carrotts, Zuccini, Squash, Peppers, and Tomatoes.  I had celery at home.

5. Have fun!
Say Good Morning!  Smile!  Everyone there are nice, cut throat, but nice.  Also, if you go every week get to know the vendors.  Ask their names, that way you can say Hi the next week.  It will take a few visits for them to remember you but it makes the experience all that more enjoyable.
I hope you enjoy your next Farmer's Market Trip!  There are some great one's in NC.
The big one's are in Durham, Raleigh State Market, and Carrboro.
Of course there are smaller ones, which may be less cut throat.  However, I enjoy an adventure.


  1. Great list of tips! I totally agree with getting there early and knowing what's in season, it helps a lot. I try to go with a "shopping list" of things I want and need but once I see, smell and sample all of the produce and goods, I ALWAYS stray from my list. Hard not to! ;)

  2. I love going to the farmers' market! And yes, going early is the best advice that I can never quite get the hang of myself. Also, that is such a beautiful and interesting flower; I can see what that lady would want all of them - but really, let's share, right?!

  3. Beautiful photos Lee, and great tips! Believe it or not, one of my summer goals is to actually visit a farmer's market for the first time!! :)

  4. Great tips. I'm sometimes intimidated by farmers' markets, especially the one in Raleigh! I guess you have to learn to just push through.

  5. yes go early. They are always sold out of eggs when I don't go early.

  6. as a southern girl, the farmers market is everything. Is the place we go for the freshest fresh. Nothing taste as good as farmer market items. Thank you for reminding me of my love of it!

  7. Thanks for the tips! I haven't been to a farmer's market in the triangle yet, although my friend keeps asking me to go! But I definitely feel prepared when I do!

  8. What awesome tips!! I have never been to a farmer's market but I'm glad I'll know how to make my first time a great experience . . .


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