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Monday, June 12, 2017

Room Makeover

Sometimes change needs to happen.  According to my husband change is bad, lol.  My closet room is my favorite space because I can make it any way I want.  Every other room in the house I include my hubby in the decorating process.  With family starting to come in town more often I wanted a proper guest bed.  I knew this bed frame was at my mom's house and perfect for the Country Chic look I wanted.  So I started the search for the perfect items.
The bed frame is a twin, being this is a guest bed I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a mattress.  Facebook Market Place is a great place to purchase items locally, plus you get to see who the person is that's selling the item.  A UNC college student posted a 1 year old twin mattress for sale.  After getting the mattress it was just figuring out my taste and how I wanted things to look.

Here are the before pictures.  As you can see things were just thrown together.  No real decorating happened.
  First step to a room makeover is to remove items.  I took the rug, chair, table, lamp, and trunk out of the room.  This let me see the space I was working with.  Then I started clearing off the shelves of excess clutter.  Cleaning while I go.
We picked up the bed frame and started to work.

I knew I wanted Country Chic, so I looked through pinterest for ideas.  The first thing I noticed were neutral colors were the theme for 'Country Chic Bedroom'.  Next was to set a budget and figure out what store to start in.  My budget on this room makeover was low $100.  I knew I could do it though.  I took $100 cash to At Home.  I always start at the back of the store in the clearance section.  Never know what you will find!

My first find was this comforter set, then I paired it with the curtain panel.  Next I was off to find a rug.  I didn't want anything over powering, but simple.  I wasn't worried about the rug because I found the best rug pad.  In total I spent $72 in At Home.  Which left me with a little money to find some throw pillows.  I knew Home Goods would be a good place to find the perfect throw pillow.  At Home has throw pillows but frankly I was overwhelmed by the selection.

With the everything being neutral I wanted to add a pop of color.  I wasn't sure what color to go with so I looked at them all.  When I saw this pillow with the birds I fell in love!  Then to make things better I found the candle to match!  Most everything else were items I already owned.

One thing I will suggest is framing your wifi password.  This lets your guests settle in comfortably without asking for the password.  Making a guest room is all about making your guest feel like they are on a get away.  Which is why I put a selection of books in a basket by the bed.  You could also fill the basket with towels. 

I have a few additional items I plan on adding.  Like a few more pillows, when I find what I want.  This wreath and these sprigs of cotton for a vase.
I hope I gave you some idea's on how you can make over a room on a small budget.  Since we rent I didn't paint the walls, but that is something that can be done as well.  The main take away is to get a clear idea of what you want your space to look like (a theme), then set a budget, find a way to get everything you want by shopping smart, and last have fun!


  1. What a great makeover. Can you come do my room?

  2. Spa colors. Very relaxing ambience.


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