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Thursday, May 4, 2017

What Goes Into a Shoot

outfits are from Halie's Boutique
L-R Erin, Safy, me, Maria

Arrival time was 1:30, the shoot was suppose to start at 4.
Of course things don't always go as planned.  The hair and makeup folks arrived at 1:40.  Then they had to track down the lady of the facility for some tables.  So we didn't really start getting ready till almost 2.  Since there were two ladies styling hair, we all got bottle necked with makeup.

Once we were all done up, we had to try on our clothes to make sure everything fit well.  While all of this is going on the prop lady was setting things up with the photographer.  I totally love the set's they created!
outfits from Adore Boutique

As you can see it's totally chic glamping!  I loved the hide rug!  I want one like this for my living room.  Will totally layer it over my jute rug under my coffee table!
So what is Glamping?  Glamorous Camping is gathering with friends in the woods that include resort-style services not usually associated with traditional camping.  Which if you know anything about me I am not a traditional camping kinda gal.  I prefer a nice hotel room.  However, I will go to the lake and swim or kayaking; I need to sleep in a bed and take a nice warm shower.

I think setting up a fun outside area to sit and chat, like the set up at the shoot, would be perfect and fun!  But that is my extent of camping for me.
 outfits from SRI

Not shown was the fourth outfit from Copper Penny
Hair done by Twisted Scizzors
Makeup was by Wadiya Davis of Faces by Diya
Photography by Terrence Jones

The full article and pics will be online with Wake Living Magazine Memorial Day Weekend.

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