Wine & Couture: Carolina Blue
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Friday, March 31, 2017

Carolina Blue

I am so glad that off the shoulder tops are back this Spring!  They are so fun to wear.  I picked this one up at Nordstrom and love how it is long in both the front and back.  The sleeves are a puff style which adds a cute flow to the sleeve.  I paired it with White jeans first, but see me wearing this with some shorts and skinny jeans as well.

photography by Sharon

I hope your week has been good!  Sadly I had a root canal on Wednesday, it was a redo to fix one I had several years ago.  I will say I'm looking forward to the jaw pain going away.  Gotta love hack dentists.

I hope you entered the Mixology giveaway!  $25 to get a cute piece for spring is always a plus.  
If you haven't entered go here

What are your plans for the weekend?  We don't have anything on the books but I am sure something will come up.  Last weekend was so much fun between B's work dedication and My mom coming to visit.


  1. Rah rah Carolina-lina! Cute top and it looks great with the Old Well as backdrop! Will you be watching the UNC game this weekend? (Actually, I hate basketball, so I won't be watching it. I'll be going to bed early to prep for my half marathon race the next morning, but it's kinda exciting UNC has progressed this far in the tournament.)

  2. I really love off the shoulder tops, yours is pretty. I hope that you feel better with your jaw pain. I used to be a dental assistant for about 10 years so I completely understand;)

  3. fun about the root canal, but yay for a beautiful top! That color looks stunning on you.

  4. Oh what an awesome outfit. You are such a style icon.


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