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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Baseball Tee

photography by Sharon

Wow!  Finals week is upon me and I am barely keeping it together.  I didn't want to leave you all hanging though, so I thought I would share with you a simple easy weekend look.  I love this for Baseball games, BBQ's, Farmer's Market Runs, or running Errands.  Talking about errands I have a very busy weekend coming up.  The husband's birthday is next week and I am planning a surprise for him!  Which means an endless list of to do's.  Top of the list is to get corny decorations!  Can't wait to really embarrass him. lol (or should I saw "Muawww")

I am struggling what to give him this year.  He will only say he needs socks.  womp womp.  I did decide on a fit bit, cause he says he walks miles in a day and wants to prove it.  However, I am stuck after that.  So I ask What do you gift to your husband / Boyfriend / Significant Other?

Thanks for sticking with me while I struggle through this week.


  1. cute outfit. i like to gift my boyfriend experiences, but that's b/c his birthday falls before our yearly trips. makes it easier. that's funny that your husband wants to prove he walks miles! fitbit sounds like a great gift!

  2. Cute top! I always want to wear baseball tops but I don't like how snug they are against biceps. Anyways, my fiance and I are "experience" gifters as well - we usually plan a trip together rather than give actual gifts :) From what you said about him walking miles every day and wanting to prove it then the Fitbit sounds great!

  3. Books, graphic tees, watch, grooming and self care products, whatever is his fave thing at the moment, any fave foods, things he would not gift himself like mani,pedi..massages. I have known my husband for 23 yrs now so I just have to get creative . Good luck!

  4. Got to love a good fit bit! Good luck on finals and you and your husband have fun on your bday!

  5. As a California girl I love some shorts and a long sleeve top! So stinking cute!

  6. I love that cute little bag so much!


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