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Thursday, February 23, 2017

PinStripe I Might

This past weekend almost killed me.  Bare with me a moment....
Saturday - I woke at 9 (usually I'm up by 7), I ran out to get Rise.  Which I had been craving for over a week.  Once home I made some coffee and sat down to work on a business client's books and get ready for taxes (have I mentioned how much I hate taxes, lol).  Then it was time to start school work.  I knocked out one class and was pleased so I took a break.  Well that break ended up being the rest of the day.  I found I wasn't feeling well and a nap was in order.  Then the husband got home from work 3 hours early.....yeah that nap didn't really happen.  I powered through the rest of the day/night.

Sunday - I woke with every intention of doing school work.  HA!  I ended up spending the morning cleaning and packing for my overnight trip to Virginia.  My mom and I went for a 'Cousins' lunch.  Basically it was my mom's sisters and their cousins from my mom's mom side of the family. (Are you still following me? lol).  It is always fun to sit around a table with women I knew growing up and listen to them tell stories about their child hood at their Grandmother's house.

So my mom wanted to leave around 3.  I thought she said 2, so I spent about an hour watching TV with the husband, which could have been spent studying cause I had more time.  I left for my mom's and went through BK to grab lunch.  The drive through is a story for another day.

My mom tells me she wants to go shoe shopping before we leave.  So we head to the store.  I have a great eye for what she likes and we found her 2 pair of shoes!  So on the road we go.
Once we arrive at my Aunt's house, we are greeted by my Cousins and Aunts.  My Aunt G is so cool, she fixed my Cousin M and I dinner so we could get to the movie on time.  We saw 'Hidden Figures'.  At this point I am tired from driving and know I have a ton of school work still to do.  But I buck up and really enjoy the movie.  Once back at the house (like 9:30) I sit to do school work.....Statistics (UGH).  I gave up and went to bed at 1!
Monday - I wake at my normal time 6.  Sit in the bonus room to complete my school work.  The wifi didn't work in there so I had to go downstairs.  My Aunt set me up in her office and I began.  After a few minutes there are 2 projects I had forgotten about.  Woops.  So I plugged away at them.  Needless to say in the 3 hours of working I had to stop cause everyone was arriving and I didn't even showered.  I had 1 test and a few Statistics problems left.  Which wouldn't be completed until after I got home that night.  I ended up heading to bed after 11.

Thank goodness I work for a real cool boss.  I texted her what was going on and how tired I was.  She said to take my time coming in Tuesday.  Which was a huge help!  I was still up by 7 but was able to take my time getting ready.  Cause if you have pulled a few long nights like I did you just don't move too quickly. lol
photography by Sharon
How do you handle life on little sleep?


  1. 1. I love Rise and I'm excited it will be at church this weekend. 2. I love your top. 3. I loved Hidden Figures.
    Jess at Just Jess

  2. that top is so gorgeous on you!!! and I really want to see Hidden Figures - i've heard such great things!

  3. Girl! You had an intense weekend! Hope you've been able to recover some this week. Also, I am LOVING your wedges - they look so comfy!! :)

  4. Little sleep =Coffee to the rescue..But of they doesnt work..somethings just have to wait.

  5. I love that top! How was the movie?

  6. You had a busy few days but so nice that you have a cool boss. How was the movie?!

    I always love a good pinstripe shirt and your title - so clever. The bag and shoes though are quite awesome!

    Welcome by and linkup with me on Thursdays, too. A new linkup just went live. Come share your awesome style with me and my readers. Thanks and have a great week! =))


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