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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Perfect Coat

Another blogger posted a vest from a website so I checked it out and fell in love with so many items.  I ordered a few things, this coat being one of them!  It's so elegant and chic!  I wore this outfit to a blog event last month (can't believe it's January), and everyone complimented me on it.  Gotta love a good find that is so affordable (like $23!!), plus you get 20% off your first order.  It's a no brainer for me.

I am so happy to report that my tendonitis is healed and I can wear heels again!
I am convinced it was stress related.  My new job has shown me how stressed I really was!  To the point that after I started I got sick with a sinus infection, which I never get sick, and things that were wrong are starting to heal or go away.  Oh and let's not forget the nasty 7 pounds I put on!  I am seriously going to change in 2017 by eating better and loosing this weight! 
photography by Sharon 


  1. Super cute coat! I hope you're able to relax and feel better soon!

  2. I'm convinced that stress is the cause of most of our problems!! I'm glad you're tendonitis is better and hopefully you're feeling a little better.

    I agree with all those compliments you received on this coat...super cute. The cut and the color!

  3. This really is a cute coat and the color is so chic. I'm glad you can wear heels again; yay for the little things, right?

  4. Beautiful coat! Such a fun length.

  5. What a cool coat! I love the way it hangs :)

  6. I really love the coat and the color of it! I'm glad to hear your tendonitis is going away, but sucks it's because of stress. As for staying healthy, I've heard a glass of red wine before bed is actually quite great for your body and for losing weight!

  7. Wow, love the coat - the style and color are amazing! You've styled it so well with the rest of your outfit too :)

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  8. Not only am I obsessed with this outfit but your hair is so stunning!



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