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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snow Day Attire

Top / Jeans / Boots / Jacket / Beanie / Bag c/o

I'm so excited!!  They are calling for SNOW this weekend.  Of course that means there won't be any Milk, Eggs, or Bread in the grocery stores lol.  One sad note for this year is Relay Foods is stopping service in North Carolina!  I have no clue where I am going to get my food from now.  We prefer organic Farm to Table.  I know Trader Joe's will be a good alternative, but that means driving to the store, putting things in my cart, and carrying them in my house when I get home.  Sigh.  I have been spoiled by Relay online ordering and delivery!  Any recommendations would be helpful!
Speaking of SNOW, this is a perfect snow outfit!  Usually our snow is more ice than snow so a pair of rain boots works perfectly!  Plus I picked up this new down jacket ($79!), which will keep me so warm when I am outside.  The day these pics were taken it was bitter cold with a wind that cut through everything, but this jacket!
I am also sharing with you my new favorite purse!  I have my go to work bag but didn't have much in between on size until I got this bag.  It holds everything I may need when running errands, while being just the right size to rest on my shoulder.  Not to mention the color blocking is so fun with White, Brown, Black, and Pink.  It goes with everything, and at $15 it is so affordable!  With 3 interior and 1 exterior pocket I am able to stay organized.
photography by Sharon Bui
Wow 2017 already!
I haven't done a post about Resolutions or Goals.  I typically don't make Resolutions (a promise), but I do set goals!  My main goal in 2017 is to purchase a home.  The second goal is to travel more.  I already have 4 trips planned and budgeted!  Nothing too big but places I want to go.  Asheville NC, Savannah GA, Minneapolis MN, and Kansas (visit my sister).  With my new job and the oodles of PTO I will be earning I will have the time to take these trips.  I am relying on Airbnb for Asheville and Savannah, and looking into Kayak to watch airfare costs.
What tips do you have when planning travel?
I am excited.  Today is my mom's birthday and we are going to DPAC to see An American In Paris!  I booked us reservations at Mothers and Sons restaurant in Durham.


  1. Aww Happy Birthday to your mom! Hope you two have so much fun! And I LOVE your boots! :)

  2. Yay snow day! I'm excited about the weather forecast :D Have fun at the show - I've heard great things about this production!

  3. So excited for the snow day! I love this jacket on you, it looks so warm and cozy! Have fun with your momma! Let me know how you like Mothers and Sons! It's on my list of places to try!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

  4. Great tips. I'm sure yall had fun.

  5. Love this this entire look!! I have had my eye on those same boots for some time now...


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