Wine & Couture: Satin Joggers
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Satin Joggers

A lady I work with has the best wardrobe.  She wore the cutest satin pants and I knew I had to find a pair!  They are beyond comfortable and so easy to style.  Here I dressed them up with the jacket and flats.  I have worn them dressed down with a sweater and Nike.  This olive color makes them easy to style.  I totally recommend satin joggers if you get a chance.  These were marked down at Christmas time to $26 and are still available!

photography by Sharon


  1. I love this look...and how it makes your hair pop!

  2. I love your out of the box style of fashion.

  3. So unique! I love the shoes you paired with these pants.

  4. I've never been a fan of joggers, but those are really fun! I might have to think about trying them now. I also love your bag!

  5. Ahh these looks SO comfy! I bet they are adorable with your Nike sneakers too! :)

  6. Joggers are always so comfy and I love how you can dress them up or keep it casual. Great look!


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