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Monday, January 30, 2017

Errands Attire

My weekends are crammed busy since school started back.  So being comfortable and able to run around town is important to me!  I have worn this cardi so many times my husband got concerned, lol.  A style blogger only wearing one piece of clothing.  It's the perfect weight for NC 'winter' and goes with everything.  Speaking of weekends my brother from Germany was state side this past weekend with his father and kids (he was an exchange student who lived with us for a year).  It was so nice to visit, but is difficult because the kids don't speak English.

photography by Sharon
Sadly my exercise program has not been consistent.  Trying to add school into my routine is becoming difficult.  However, I will say I have been good on my eating.  Healthy foods, and water!  Who would have thought lol.


  1. Loving this outfit for running errands! You've found the perfect combo of comfy and stylish - and I love how often I'm seeing these cute Nikes! They work with so many things! :)

  2. Your outfit looks very cute and comfortable! How fun to visit your brother; do you speak any German? When my husband and I were trying to get healthy, we found that watching our portions was the best way to lose weight and feel better. We exercised every now and then but the key is eating the right amount without going overboard. It was ridiculous show much we would eat in one sitting, and retraining ourselves (and our stomachs) to eat right was more difficult than I expected. Exercise is important but if you're eating well, you're still on the right track!

    1. Nikki, no I don't speak German. I took it in High School and can understand somethings but not well enough to speak it.'

  3. Love the cardigan, I would also wear it over again and again.

  4. Ohh, loving that cardigan and I feel like I need to try out those sneakers! I see them everywhere and they're so cute.
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.


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