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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weekend Casual

 Wow, just wow!  It's been so long since I worked for a company that values it's employees!  I am talking amazing benefits, paid for.  160 PTO hours per year with 80 carry over.  A free Gym at the office complex.  My own office in a nice new building!  My boss is so nice, she treated me to Sushi my first day.  I am just overwhelmed by how great things are!!
I picked up this hat at Target on a whim.  I love that the bottom area has a fleece lining so it's soft on my skin and doesn't mess up my hair!  Plus the price point is just amazing.  Of course I purchase the cutest hat and NC goes back to the 70's in temp.
I am loving this new infinity collection from Brosway.  The earrings can be worn 2 ways, which gives a ton of options.  The rings are just amazing and adjustable so if you are like me where your fingers swell when it's hot you can comfortably wear the rings.
photography by Sharon Bui
photo's taken at Phillips Farm in Cary

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  1. Beautiful accessories! It's great that your new work environment is better, that must make life happier:)

  2. I love that hat and the brosway ring is gorgeous! Jess at Just Jess

  3. i have checked out the wish list of dresses. How great the winter dresses are!!Plus the price point is just amazing. I also like to use jeans jacket and shoes in winter. Lovely dresses and fashion for winter. Thanks for such a important post.

  4. Oh so good that you have find a good job environment. Only few employees can look for it. About your weekend casual, I just love your beanie and jacket. The color matches and it is perfect for a cold season. Anyway, I just want to share here that Boutiqueken also offers great sale on their girl bomber jacket. So, if anyone of you interested here guys, just check out. Thanks.

  5. i am SO excited for you for your new job! and you look amazing - plus that red lip is gorgeous on you!


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