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Monday, December 12, 2016

Staple Vest

I saw this vest on another blog and had to have it!  I was shocked when I saw it was under $40 and by signing up for emails I received 30% off!  When ordering online and it being shipped from overseas I get worried, but this vest arrived quickly and the fit was perfect!  I also ordered this coat and Love it! 
I have mentioned my good friend Sharon on here before.  She is a killer photographer.

I met her for lunch last week and she brought her camera so we could get a few pics.  We use to work together and got blog pics all the time because of it.  With us both working at different places now it is harder.  However, we make it work cause she is literally the best! 

Job update:  AMAZING!  My boss actually came to me the other day and told me not to stress about a 1 hour lunch when I am meeting a friend.  I smiled and thanked her.  It's nice to be treated like an Adult and not stress about time. 

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  1. you look amazing and i am so glad that your new job is going so well!!!!

  2. So glad your new job is working out and I love the vest.

  3. I am so glad you're loving your new job! That vest is super cute.


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