Wine & Couture: Look Back at 2016
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Look Back at 2016

I love mixing prints.  This outfit here is a mix of striped stockings, lace back sweater, and this plaid scarf.  I love this outfit because of the pops of red in my flats and scarf.
I love dressing up a pair of jeans.  This outfit is still a staple for me.

I love a simple easy date night outfit like this.
March - cut 5 inches off my hair!!

In April I started hiring professional photographers, which really pushed my blog forward.  This post is in collaboration with Stay Fierce boutique.  It is the first dress I have found that drags on the floor for me.

I had so much fun in May getting trendy pieces and working with Brosway Jewelry more!  Post here
May - I graduated with my AA in Accounting (took 7 years!)

June was a big month for me!  I started shooting with Sharon, and I collaborated with Halie's Boutique.  I love this dress and shirt combo for a fun day at the beach! Post here

My styled changed so much in June.  Without the restrictions of a Business attire dress code at work I was able to really expand my style.  Plus it helped that I had notes and money during the Nordstrom sale!  Post here
July - cut another 4 inches off my hair!

My birthday month went off with a bang!  I collaborated with several of my favorite stores to bring some amazing giveaways!  I also collaborated with Violet's boutique and shared this sleek amazing outfit.  Post here

September usually means blog events!  I snagged this adorable tank at an event ( here).
September - I enrolled at Liberty University to get my BA in Finance

My style transformed further with staple blazers like this one.  I love making jeans look so chic.  Post here

I welcomed Fall with casual wear.  This poncho along with a few others are must have's in NC!  Post here

Hello December and the end of 2016!  Collaborations were at an all time high this month!  Post here

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2017 is going to be amazing!  Coming soon collaborations with Rose Wholesale, Unscripted Hotel, We travel back to Savannah, and much more!


  1. Love your outfits! October is probably my favorite - so timeless and classic! Can't wait to see what's in store for your blog in the new year! :)

  2. wow you can really tell how your style has changed I still love all them


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