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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weekend Fun

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap.
I hate crowds.  Like I will go EVIL on someone.  So I stay far away from stores and malls on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday.  I do 99% of my shopping online.  If I have to get something in a store I either shop online with in store pick up, or go to the store when they open.

So my Black Friday was spent relaxing at home with Apple Cider Mimosas.  Is it still call a mimosa if you use a different juice than OJ?  Anyhow, I found this recipe on Pinterest here.  YUM!!  I made a whole pitcher and proceeded to drink it all while watching movies and snacking on a cheese platter.

So the recipe called for apples to moisten the rim of the glass for the brown sugar to stick to.  Well I didn't have an apple so I dampened the rim with water and smashed the brown sugar on the glass (lol).  So of course it ran down the glass exterior a little.  Totally recommend adding the sugar.  It added an extra pow to the drink.
On Saturday my husband and I took a tour of a local distillery, Top of The Hill!
The proprietor gave everyone a beer while he explained how he started the Restaurant and then Distillery.  We sipped and listened to how TOPO is distilled from local organic products.
Then we got a tour and he explained the process.  I learned a lot, of course my genius husband knew everything about the distilling process.  They are a small operation, like they handle label and fill every bottle.  That doesn't mean their sales aren't through the roof!  Between their restaurant and the ABC store's they sell a lot of liquor.  The husband and I agreed their Vodka was the best.
Sunday was photo shoot day!
Sharon and I hunted for a cute Christmas Tree location to get some holiday pictures.  After asking some friends and checking the locations out online we decided on Phillips Farms.  They have amazing fresh cut trees, the smell is divine.  The wreath I am holding is made from fresh cut branches.  It smelled so good!  I wanted to buy one so bad but knew the husband and I were going to a wreath making party soon.  These pic's will be on the blog soon and I am excited to share the new Brosway collection!

What was your Thanksgiving weekend like?

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  1. those apple cider mimosas look AMAZING!!!!

  2. This weekend was filled with fun..Friday checked out the NC Chinese Lantern Festival, Sat my mom came for a visit from MD ao that meant we had a baby sitter and could do some adulting..went to DPAC to see the Hip Hop Nutcracker and met up with friends at Satisfaction in Durham for drinks and karaoke fun. Sunday celebrated my husband's birthday and just enjoyed being in each others company.
    Thanks for sharing your weekend..I'm gonna visit Topo in the future!

  3. That drink looks amazing! I agree that I am not a fan of crowds so Black Friday is the worst thing imaginable to me. Jess at Just Jess

  4. That apple cider mimosa looks amazing! What a fun weekend!

  5. Apple Cider Mimosas are the best. I am with you I am not a big fan of crowds either.

  6. I need to try these apple cider mimosas!


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