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Monday, November 7, 2016

Behind the Scenes

I read a lot about how full time bloggers spend their days.  What I haven't read is how a blogger with a full time job in an office manages their time.  So I thought I would share with you a day in the life of my blog with a little behind the scenes.
Typically I shoot on Saturday's with my fav photographer Sharon Bui.  If you are in Raleigh / Durham please hit her up, she is so amazing!  We shoot in the morning so we both have time to have a life lol.  This past Saturday we met at my new favorite spot, National Art Museum in Raleigh at 11:30.  Normally we meet closer to 9, but she had some stuff going on at that time.
I spend usually a few hours the night before putting together outfits.  I don't flat lay, try on, or plan much of what I am going to wear.  I usually will put together something I wore to work, or social media inspired pics I took. When I go through IG, FB, and Pinterest and I like an outfit I screen shot the outfit to put my own outfit together that is similar.  Sometimes it's a color combo I like.  Of course any new items I recently purchased are in the mix.
Shoes are always what takes the longest for me to pair with an outfit.  I actually don't own many pair of shoes, and some pair are strictly for blogging.  Yes, I have pumps I can't wear outside taking blog pictures.  I have tendonitis in my Achilles Tendon which causes walking to be difficult in flats and out of the question in heels.  Once I have outfits put together I fold the clothes and put them in a plastic egg crate, the jewelry in bags, and the shoes in a tote.  These are all easy to transport into my car and keep things organized. I do my best to pair outfits together with similar pieces, like jeans or leggings.  So I limit the amount of outfit changes.  My goal is to shoot at least 4 outfits in about an hour.  Sharon and I really know each other well, so she is able to shoot me quickly.  This did take a few months to build and each time I like to think we get it done quicker.  Things like color, lighting, and angles are what make blog pictures either amazing or complete failure. 
If I know I am going to be walking far from a private place to change I will plan the order of an outfit so I can layer.  Which means my Never Full Stella and Dot Tote gets pretty full and heavy.  My shoes, jewelry, and outfits are all crammed in.  On this particular day I started with a cap sleeve top under this cardi, the second outfit top just slipped overtop the cap sleeve shirt.  Then the sweater went over it as well.  So I was able to shoot 3 outfits in under an hour.
Some of the things I am terrible about are changing my lipstick, jewelry, and sunglass.  This is where Sharon is amazing, she will ask or point out something.  Like, Lee is there a necklace with this outfit?  Oh crap, hang on one second lol.  Or when I realize I forgot a bracelet we will reshoot so it is included. 

So far I have spent about 4 hours getting outfits together and shooting them.  Usually in 24 hours Sharon sends me all the pictures to select which ones I want her to adjust.  After another day or two I have all the pictures and can start writing my blog posts and planning my social media which takes several hours.  Typically I write blog posts on Sunday for the week, however that's not always possible so many evenings I sit in front of the TV with my husband typing away.
This is just a small part of my blogging life.  Being highly organized keeps me on track and makes blogging fun!  Something I didn't mention about this day was I ran into fellow bloggers at the Museum, which is always fun!!


  1. love this post, lee!! you are such a hardworker!

  2. What a fun post! I also wonder how other bloggers make it all work so any time they share their behind the scenes, I get really excited and often inspired. I love that you're taking your photos at the museum; it provides such a beautiful background!

    NCsquared Life

  3. I usually have to do the same. Saturdays are for pictures but mid day and most the time when the fiance is in town. So I usually cram as many looks as I can while I have him here. I am glad I am not the only one.

    Life is just Rosie

  4. I am never that organized with anything about blogging. Wow you so have me bet. LOL I am a fly by the seat of my pants girl.

  5. Your blogging life sounds so similar to mine. I do a lot of my writing on Sundays; however, I'm actually trying to get away from that. I did most of my blog writing on Sunday when I worked full-time. Now that I blog full-time and went to part time work outside the home, I'm trying to change my schedule to doing blog posts during an off day in the week so I can actually rest on Sunday. I am also hoping to transition from my husband being my photographer to another photographer that can work with my schedule.

  6. I loved the perspective you wrote this from as a blogger with a full time office job, because I can relate to that. Staying organized and batching things into the weekend are a must.

  7. Love this! I work full time and am just starting the blogging thing and haven't ventured into professional photography yet. It's nice to see how others do it!

  8. This is such a fun post. I always wonder how bloggers with photographers. full-time bloggers or bloggers that only shoot photos on weekends make it work. I have no idea how much a blogging photographer works (if I ever hire one) what prices are good and what are too steep? Let me know. Loved this post and girl shooting 3 to 4 outfits in an hour (including the change of clothes) is amazing. How many shots for an outfit does she usually take?

    P.S. So funny and fun that you run into so many other several fashion bloggers. I am guessing that is a popular spot and great minds think alike!


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