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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Business on the Top and Party on the Bottom

I love a good silky blouse and blazer together.  Add a pair of distressed jeans and I am ready for a girl date with my bestie.  These jeans from Target last year are amazing because there is fabric behind the distressed areas, making them easy to wear on cold days as no skin is actually exposed.
Some days I wish I could wear jeans like these to work as well.  But that would be pushing things too far at my company.  Speaking of work, I am fighting so hard to keep a good work/life balance.  Last week my body revolted and broke down.  My amazing immune system just failed cause I was stressed to the max.  I had some female issues and then a cold hit, then my period.  A triple hit and it sucked so bad!  Luckily my boss is understanding when it comes to being sick and I was off work Thursday and then left work early Friday.  Thank goodness for the Hurricane cause it gave me more reason to just stay in bed all weekend!  The rest did me wonders.  However because of the storm our cable and internet went out, which means that I didn't get my school work complete.  So Monday night was spent cramming everything in.  I will be so glad when I am done with school.  I have 2 more classes starting later this month.  That makes 4 classes at one time!  I will be so crazy.
I've talked some about my job on here before.  Mainly that it's not fulfilling.  I can honestly say right now that I work for a biased company.  Men are more important than women.  We are treated differently and not in a positive way.  So needless to say I am looking for something else.  I have discussed with my family and friends at length about my situation and they all agree that trying to talk about it to the owners would result negatively for me.  Otherwise I would be the first one to call them out on it.  Basically stress is all around me.  I am finding positive things in other areas of my life.  For example my brother will be in town next week and I have taken time off work to visit with him.  Also, I am focusing on my blog and friends.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

photography by Sharon Bui
Happy Friday Eve!


  1. Those booties are so so adorbs. Totally praying for stress reduction all around! Come work with us :)

  2. Your outfit has a modern go to look. :) Pretty!

  3. I'm in the same boat as you where distressed jeans are a little too casual for my office, but they're a great idea for a casual date night or evening with the besties!

  4. I love your sense of style girl. When are you going to come down and style me?

  5. I'm so not good at mixing styles like that. I like the laid back jeans with the menswear inspired blazer and feminine top. You look great! (sorry you were sick!)

  6. Those jeans are amazing! I hope your work/life balance gets better!

  7. You are an amazing woman that I admire and even though you may feel like things are out of balance, at least you look cute while doing it LOL.

  8. I love outfits like these and wear some similar outfits to work except regular jeans not distressed. Your jacket, booties and necklace are all great.

    Hope your hectic schedule has been a little less busy lately, my friend. You are missed on my blog.

    Don't forget to stop by and linkup with me. A new linkup is live. =) Come join me and share your cute style with us!

    Happy Weekend, Ada! =)


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