Wine & Couture: Rock Concert
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rock Concert

Jewelry - Spirit Collection (order here)

I love this outfit for an edgier version of the layered outfit I posted Tuesday.  The leather shorts and backpack give it a different vibe.  Perfect for a concert!  I would wear something like this with chucks to a rock concert.  Pairing the Brosway Spirit collection gives it a finished / polished feel.  Being 37 I am careful what I put together.  People often assume I am in my 20's, which is flattering and when I am in my 50's it will be a blessing to look young.  The problem is people tend to treat me like a 20 something and not acknowledge the experience or skill I bring with my age.  So when wearing a fun outfit like this adding jewelry makes me feel closer to my age.  Plus it doesn't hurt that Brosway jewels look much more expensive than they really are!  A friend commented one day on my Ribbon collection and how she thought it came from a high end jewelry store.  I smiled and said nope.
These pic's were shot in Durham at the American Tobacco campus.  I love all the new restaurants and the feel of American Tobacco.  Not to mention it's a great place to take blog pics!  Gotta love Sharon's eye!  She really is creative when selecting a background for an outfit!
What items make you feel your age?
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  1. Such a fun look!!
    Fridays Fashions link up

  2. I love this fun look and have been doing a lot of the shirt tied around the waist look too!

  3. Looking so bomb! Love this style and how hip and trendy you look.

  4. Love the shorts!!! Super cute!

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