Wine & Couture: A Walk Down Memory Lane (+Day 3 mmmm)
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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Walk Down Memory Lane (+Day 3 mmmm)

Happy ME Week.  

 My First Fashion show being a Model!  At the Southern Women's Show in 2015
A Kendra Event where I met Hannah and Stephanie for the first time.  

 At Em's house celebrating her Birthday with Marly
 At Mesa Latin Kitchen where I met Kathi and Melissa.
 Shopping in Raleigh where I ran into Courtney
 Did a review of Orange Theory with Marly
 At blogger event where I got to see blogging friends Molly, Rebecca, Mia, and Kristin
My first shoot with Brosway

 My first Raleigh Blog Society event at Anthro!
 My Favorite Kendra Event!  Few showed because of a snow storm.  We had so much fun!
 Galentine Brunch with Blogging Gal Pals
 Collaboration with Stay Fierce Boutique
 Second Fashion Show, also got to meet Twitch!
Collaboration with Jarrett Bay!

All in all blogging has really been a fun experience!  Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Kendra Scott, love their pieces but only wish there was one local. All my KS pieces were gifts. Looks like a fun few events and nice outfits too
    Rachel xo

  2. Blogging is such a fun and great journey. I love this recapp. Makes me so happy we met that day on my 1st blog photo shoot.

  3. What a great year you have had. I am so glad we got to meet this year.

  4. The best part of blogging is the friends I've made and that includes you! I was so nervous at the Kendra Scott event, but once we started talking about our pets, I felt at ease. It's always fun to reminisce!


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