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Friday, July 8, 2016

Adjusting from Long to Short Hair

I recently got my hair cut.  For over 12 years I have had long hair, like over half way down my back.  So to go from that to hair barley past my shoulders has been an adjustment.  I thought I would share what I have learned from the transition.

Goodbye Long pretty hair

Hello Short fun hair

Some of the things I have found with short hair:
1.  I use less Shampoo and blow drying goes quickly
2.  My curls last longer but I had to switch to a smaller barrel wand
3. It has more volume, so teasing is a cinch
4. Most of my hair pins won't hold the short layers.  Had to pick up tiny bobby pins
5. Definitely more variety with styles.
6. Best part is I can still do a high bun, however the messy bun is no more.

Have you changed your hair lately?

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  1. I thought you look fabulous before but now you look amazing, I envy your long hair.


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