Wine & Couture: Floral Spring Fever
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Floral Spring Fever

disclaimer - these pic's were taken in a rush on my lunch break.
I recently went to TJ Maxx (my wardrobe is lacking majorly right now).  Initially I went in to find a new spring jacket with a hood.  Um yeah, their selection sucked!  So I started to wonder around the store.  Nothing really caught my eye.  The shoes were lacking, the home d├ęcor wasn't the best either.  So as I headed to the front of the store to leave I noticed some smaller racks and stopped to take a look.  I saw this top along with several other that were so cute and only $16.99!  So I snagged this one knowing I would have so much it could go with.  Seriously the best buy I have done in a while.
Just wanted to share a cute look that will hopefully inspire you!
We had such nice weather a week ago, then it got cold.  They are now calling for 70's later this week!  I can't wait.


  1. I love this look. Wish I was brave enough to wear white pants. Somehow I always end up spilling something on myself.

    1. Melissa! I think you would rock a pair of white pants! They are so classic and easy to wear. Just get a good pair that you can't see through. Mine are jeans.
      xo, Lee


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