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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

An Accountants Life

First I want to give a shout out to Bevello in Chapel Hill on Franklin Street.  The staff there were so sweet for letting Marly and I use their dressing room as we ran around UNC campus snapping pictures!

I really wanted to share office outfits.  I work so much this time of year that I wanted to take a moment and chat with you about how hard it can be to dress for your job.  I don't know anyone who can go purchase an entire work wardrobe right out of the gate.  Coming from Non-Profit where Jeans were the norm, working in a professional office has been a challenge.  I mean what to I wear?  What can I afford?  As I get older I have been reinventing myself and my wardrobe.  Classic styles are more logical.  Like this skirt!  It will last me a while and is classic so it won't ever go out of style.
I prefer to make my wardrobe work for me.  So when I see a tee that is a classic style I snag it in more than one color.  This tee has worked overtime for me!  It goes with so much and doesn't look like a tee.

I hope you took a moment to read my post last week about my sister.  Traveling is stressful for me.  I hate flying and have gotten sick on a few occasions flying.  On my last trip I drove to Charlotte because the flight was cheaper.  This meant driving past my favorite Tanger Outlets.  I have been hunting for the perfect pair of jeans with little luck.  While in Lucky outlet store I saw this cardigan and fell in love!  It is the perfect weight for NC 'winter' and goes with so much in my closet!
Which brings me back to this skirt!  The color is perfect and goes with everything!  Tee - check, Skirt - check, fun cardigan - check.  Now the shoes!  Well these heels were purchased last year from Target.  I have to admit I hardly wear them.  Not because they aren't comfortable but because the blue is so hard to match.  Which leads me to is blue, they all go together.  As do many colors (green, blue, etc).  I have stopped getting hung up on if things match.

So when I saw this Kendra necklace I had to have it!  The pendant is small and the stone is so bright.  Don't get me wrong the larger stone's are nice but I have been wanting something more dainty.

Here is my tribute to all those women working hard to better themselves and the world!
Thank you for reading!  I hope I gave you some idea's, or things to think about.


  1. I love how all the shades of blue tie in and of course, the pink lipstick!

    1. Thank you Hanah! I love having a pop of pink!

  2. I love the shoes. You should wear them more and the Kendra Scott Necklace is to die for. I have the hot pink one.


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