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Monday, February 1, 2016

5 things to pass time in an Airport

Recently I flew to visit my sister.  I booked a relatively cheap flight which had a layover in Chicago.  3 hours waiting in an airport can feel so looong.  I traveled alone so if I went anywhere I had to drag my luggage with me.  I failed to pack my Kindle or anything interesting to do.  I came very close to putting together the Lego's I packed for my nephews.  Yup Bordum is rough.  Anyhow, I started finding things to entertain myself because I didn't want to fall asleep.  Here are some things that kept me from drowning in dullsville.

1. As a blogger I am always on social media, however I don't have much time to explore.  Go to Pinterest and search a key word. "Black Pants" - see if any posts lead to a blog.  Once at the blog find their IG name.  Look at their IG page and pic a # hashtag. Then explore.  This will occupy you for at least 10min.

2. People watch!  It's interesting to see what people do in an airport.  It's like they think no one is watching.  Kinda comical.  This will occupy you off and on for 25-30 min.

3. Catch up on correspondent's.  Call that old friend.  Email a family member. Or in my case write a blog about being bored. Possible 20 min.

4. Practice Meditation.  I hate flying so getting my abdomin and breathing in check makes landing easier.  Yup I hate the landing part.  That's what makes me queasy.  depending on your focus 30 min.

5. Shop! Duh.  Online shopping with  aps like Nordstrom and Target will pass the remaining time. ;)

Do you have any layover or flying tips??

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  1. Everything about your photo is COZY! Booties, Blanket...the whole nine! LOVE it!


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