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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yin and Yang

Hi, my name is Lee and I wear hats when I don't want to wash my hair.

Now that is in the open I want to chat with you about my life.  Don't get me wrong I do take a shower everyday, I just don't wash my hair.  I found once I trained my hair I could go 4 days without washing it and you would never know.  A good dry shampoo can make all the difference.  I love Suave with Keratin.  It keeps my hair feeling and looking clean.  I only wear hats when I don't want to wear my hair up on day 4.
My husband has nicknamed this hat "The Gandalf" hat.  I smile and tell him to be careful cause I am a powerful wizard!  haha.
I don't normally shop for clothing at Target.  I prefer Nordstrom.  However when I saw this dress I had to have it.  At my height it is hard to find long dress' that are flattering.  I see this dress being styled so many ways.  It's so perfect for work!
I seriously recommending finding a good tailor.  Sadly I haven't had time to drop off this dress, but I make it a habit to tailor my clothing.  "off the rack" doesn't fit everyone the same.  We have a tailor in Carrboro that fixes my husband's work pants for a reasonable price.  So I will be going to her with 2 dress'

photography by Marly

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  1. You look so fabulous in this outfit. Black and white is such a classic combo that you can never go wrong with. I spotted this dress at Target from the Who What Wear collection and thought it was so cute! Seeing how you styled it makes me want it even more.


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