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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Working for a CPA firm, a Financial Advisor, as an Elderly Care Giver, and taking 12 credit hours at College may break me this Tax Season.  However, I love a good challenge!  Here are several things I will be using to stay focused and get all things accomplished!

I would live in these Sketcher!  They are so light weight and so comfortable.  I totally switch into these when going to class.  As much as I love my heels wearing them for 12 hours kinda sucks.

Between my Lilly planner and these cute notebooks I am able to keep organized on what is due when.  For both School and Work it is super important to know what is happening when.  I would hate to fail a class or worse get fired for dropping a ball.

Speaking of work I need to gloat a little.  I started at my company as a Receptionist.  Now keep in mind I was the Assistant Fiscal Direct for a non-profit for almost 3 years prior.  As of now I have a big corner office and clients of my own.  My specialty is Payroll and Bookkeeping, along with HR support for small companies.  I love what I do.  In addition to this I work for a Financial Advisor so I get to learn about that line of work.  Yes I am a geek (or nerd depending on your age).

Anyhow, I hope I gave you some idea's on how to stay organized this new year!

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