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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shades of Blue

This is a perfect example of taking a dress into cooler temps!  This dress shown here, and sweater found at Monkees Boutique were a perfect combo.  Then add my favorite blue suede booties.  Voila - Monochrome outfit that was perfect for work!

Speaking of work my boss sold his company.  Luckily the new owner asked me to stay on.  However, I am not sure of her dress code expectations.  Like last Friday I wore my Michael Kors Ponte Leather front leggings....she looked at them and said "Is that Leather?", which I fumbled and ended up saying I hated the rain. lol real smooth I know.  I left the question wondering if she had an issue with my leggings.  I did wear a long shirt to cover my bum and did not wear the leggings as pants.  So since then I have tried to be a little more dressier. The last owner had no issue with my wardrobe and the new owner hasn't stated "don't wear that", but I always get nervous.  I do walk a fine line with my outfits.  Hey being a fashion blogger makes me push the envelope and usually our clients love what I wear.  

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