Wine & Couture: Setting up a bar cart
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Monday, December 28, 2015

Setting up a bar cart

I purchased this table when I was 20 from Pier 1.  We won't say how long ago that really was.  It is sturdy and amazing!  I have used it all around my house for many things (think plant stand).  This Christmas I decided to get my husband a special gift, a membership to a Whiskey club.  It's so cool, they mail him a box of 3 Whiskey's to try each month!  The price is less than what we would spend at the ABC store in a month and he can have something fun to look forward to.  The bottles aren't huge but enough for a drink or two depending on how much you pour.  So in the spirit of the gift I had to go all the way!  Hello Type A Personality!  I moved some things around and set up a "bar cart".  I didn't want to go purchase a cart since I had this cool table with wine rack, so I guess it's not a "cart" per say.  Anyhow, I ordered him a decanter set with 4 glass' and proceed to collect "bar" items around my house to put on the table.  For example my cocktail shaker, shot glass, toothpicks, drink napkins, etc.
Now don't worry about stocking your cart right away!  I waited for some wine to go on sale and purchased an extra bottle.  Also, I purchased wine that I don't normally drink that I can offer to guests who prefer it (like Chardonnay, or a nice Red.  I prefer Riesling.)

Before you shop you need to check out Ebates!  Super easy to use and you get money for shopping.
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  1. Bar carts are so fun! Maybe one day we will have room for one : )

    1. Darcy - I didn't think I had room either. It doesn't take up much space, you should try it.

  2. Love that bar cart! I have one but I never know how to style it!!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

    1. Thank you Christina! I found when I added the tray that it helped with the 'style' and keep it organized. Like the tray acted as a separator for the glass' and decanter.

  3. Your bar cart set up is so fab! I adore those coasters. I feel like I need a bar cart in my life now.


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