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Monday, November 16, 2015

Full Swing

Happy Monday!  Thank you for always being so supportive and reading when my life seems to fall apart.  Life has been crazy lately, there are big changes going on at my work.  Plus I am studying (when I can focus) on the Series 65 exam to become an IAR (Investment Adviser Representative)

This outfit was my 'casual' Friday!  I picked up this scarf at Target and love the bright colors!  Speaking of Target I wanted to talk about saving money!  With the Holiday's coming it is important to get the most for your dollar.  I have the Cartwheel App where I save a % on an item I am purchasing (like 5% off Market Pantry Milk).  I couple that with the RED PERKS app which gives me points for every purchase.  So far I have received $5 off any purchase, and 5% off any purchase.  Then to tie it up with a bow I have a Target Red debit Card (DEBIT not CREDIT) which gives me 5% off my purchase.  Having the apps and cards has given me additional coupons in the mail.  So my recent trip I got $10 off $100 purchase, 5% off with my Perks, and 5% off with my Red Card.  I saved $25.95 total!  So this scarf was actually FREE ($19.99 with 20% off sale), plus another item.  There is nothing better than getting something for free just for purchasing items you already needed!

Quick recap - Cartwheel App, Red Perks App, Red Card (debit).

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  1. Love that scarf! It adds the perfect punch of color to brighten a day when all you want to do is snuggle up in bed.

    1. Thanks Marly! It is the perfect cozyness with bright colors!


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