Wine & Couture: Floral in Fall
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Floral in Fall

There is nothing more chic to me than a cute pair of jeans with a girly top!

Story time - I was on a trip (driving cause we know I hate flying) and stopped at a Cracker Barrel (if your not from the south don't ask).  A girl in line was wearing a cute floral button up, jeans, tory flats, and a tory bag.  I fell in love with her style.  I asked her some questions and then (smh) took a pic of her without asking.  Sigh - I am so guilty of snapping pics of inspirational things.  Anyhow, a few years later I came across this top at a consignment shop in Virginia and didn't care the price because it was so much like the top the girl had on!  I have gotten so many compliments on it and it goes with everything.  Sadly I haven't found many similar options online.

 These booties have gotten me so many compliments!  I love the royal blue color.


  1. I love that top! It's perfect for all seasons.

  2. Looking gorgeous babe! And I agree that this top is amazing!


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