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Monday, September 14, 2015

Lilly Event

Last Thursday my local blogger group took over Lilly Pulitzer!

It was SO fun!  Of course we always have a local charity we support and 10% of sales go to the charity.  This event's Charity was CWHL (Children with Hair Loss).  How Molly finds these charities blows my mind!  I love them all and what they stand for!

Rebecca is an amazing women!  I so enjoy seeing her at events.

The planner I am holding was my purchase for the night and I love it.
Left to Right - Molly, Rebecca, Mia, and Kristin (of course me in the middle)
You have heard me mention my friend Marly on here before.  Well here she is!
This is what a starter kit looks like a for a child who receives their first wig.  These children receive hair at no cost to them no matter their financial status.

Meet Em!  She is our designated photographer!  If your near Raleigh you need to hire her.

All in all it was a fun night that benefited a charity!


  1. Replies
    1. Aw thanks Molly! I loved the event! Thank you for all you do.
      xo, Lee

  2. It was so much fun! Plus what better place than Lilly Pullitzer to have a girly meetup. :)

    1. It was fun! I am loving Lilly and all the fun things they have!
      xo, Lee


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