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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Brown Eyed Girl

I did these close ups so you could see how flawless my skin looks!
The one above gives you a good idea of my eye shadow, brow, and liner.
Below is a general all over flawlessness.
I hadn't put on lipstick yet because I wanted you to focus on the coverage.

My friend Marly gave me the Jordana Cat Eye Liner and I lurv it! I can finally do a proper wing.
I recently tried Physicians Formula Foundation and love how it covers my skin and isn't heavy.  Plus it comes with the cutest application brush!
I did a recent video about strobing with Becca Opal here.  A definite splurge item!

This Double Extend makes my lashes super long and a great primer.  I only use the white side then follow up with the Urban Decay Perversion mascara (which I got from Ulta for my birthday free item).  I sware by my Covergirl concealer!  I swipe it on my forehead, nose, under eyes, and upper lip.  Then blot with a damp beauty blender.  OH - TJMaxx has Beauty Blenders by checkout that are amazing and super cheap!  Identical to the $10 ones!
Recently I went to Ulta and had a coupon for a free it Cosmetic item, this brow power is Amazing!
I had been told all my life how amazing my eyebrows were so I never thought I would use a brow pencil.  However when I got this one I was like WOW!  I am able to fill in the "thin" area's of my brow and not look fake or too much.  I will be purchasing this when it runs out!

Hope I could help if you were looking for a new product or wanted to try something but wasn't sure!
What makeup do you swear by?

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  1. I just got my first Becca highlighter and I am obsessed. Now I want all of them! I love the TJ Maxx Beauty Blenders. I've never tried the real thing because they are so good and so cheap.

    1. Hannah - This is my first Becca and I am obsessed! I got a gift card to Sephora for my Bday and my SIL said I should try Becca. I did some "research" (ie You Tube beauty guru watching) to see what I should get. The Opal is off the hook! I want to try them all also!


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