Wine & Couture: Mesa Latin Kitchen Preview
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mesa Latin Kitchen Preview

You know a place is up scale when the outer entrance has a chandelier!
We were served 5 courses, each course having at least 3 plates from the menu.
We had Flat Bread, Grilled Octopus, and Ribs. Each was very delicious and made with flavor in mind!  I said during dinner it was like a flavor explosion in my mouth.
Bloggers blogging - lol

Not only was the presentation amazing but the food was to die for.
Here are fried lemons (OMG to die for) and properly cooked asparagus 
Finally a restaurant with quality in my area!  This flaun was filled with goat cheese which made it so creamy.

These were my favorite!  Bacon wrapped figs with almonds inside.
There were 3 tables total.  My table was mostly fashion/life style bloggers.
The chef was actually on the show "Top Chef" recently!
Next to Chef is the Owner.  A very nice and delightful man!
The bar tender is very skilled and made us some amazing drinks!
They were very consistent with taste.
I tried the Mojo Mojito, Sangria, and Basil Cucumber.  All so good and went well with each entree.
I wore something comfortable to eat in.
Loving this new top from Nordstrom sale!

Top / Skirt (similar) / Booties (similar) / Necklace

I have said many times how there is a lack of restaurants in Chapel Hill / Durham that wow me.  Well I can officially say my socks were knocked off!  The Chef took pride in what he made.  Much like the restaurants in DC I go to.  The presentation only gave a glimpse into how amazing the flavors were.  If you are in the Durham area you so need to try Mesa Latin Kitchen!  They officially open this Friday and I can assure you I will be going back!

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