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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Doing it All

 Nordstrom - Dress / DSW - Flats / Noonday Collection - Necklace
Infused Water Bottle

 Nordstrom - Dress / DSW - Flats / Noonday Collection - Necklace
Infused Water Bottle

Some days I wonder how I am able to "Do It ALL"!  Between working two jobs and blogging I am busy.  Then add in my husband, cooking, cleaning, and god forbid laundry!  Heck I even have a hard time picking up my dry cleaning.  My secret.....Stay organized!  On Sunday's I pull down our wall calendar, my day planner, and cell phone.  I sync up the calendar's and make sure I haven't double booked myself.  This also let's my hubby know if and when I will be home each night.  As for blogging, well that's my hobby so I don't need to "schedule" myself for that.  I usually take picture's on my lunch break or after work with my friend Marly.  Yup I am the strange women you walk past with a tri-pod during lunch snapping pictures of myself ;)  Some people stare others walk by, honestly as shy as I am I have totally overcome my hesitation with this.  When I see a cute spot I stop and shoot.  These picture's go on the internet anyhow and I'm not doing anything cray.  lol

Anyhow, I was just thinking of how my life is kinda crazy and yet I manage it all just fine.
How do you stay organized and on top of things?

On a sad note - after I wrote this post I had to take our beloved rescue kitty to the vet.  His heart rate was low, red blood count low and abnormal, white blood count high.  After some blood tests we determined his body was in shock and shutting down.  The vet didn't know what was the cause so we decided to put him down.  He was only with us 1 year, but that one year was the best in his 11 years on this earth.  We love and miss you Eeyore!

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