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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Work Attire Tips

It's all about the details!  The simple elegant cuff.  The appropriate chambray.
These things are all important if you work in a business attire office.
Luckily I don't and would wear this top as is.
My mom says my Speedy is like luggage.  I laugh cause it's the 
smallest bag I own.  Well besides my clutches!

I am very lucky to work in a relaxed environment.  We don't have "casual" Friday, but some days when I know we aren't expecting clients I will wear a pair of skinny jeans.  Typically I push the limits of business casual like with this top.  Between the shoulder cut outs and the neon piping I doubt I could have worn this at other places I have worked.  However, I rock this top all the time at work.  Usually I get a compliment or two from clients.  One thing I keep in mind when getting ready for work is to balance my attire.  So if I wear a top like this I try to dress it up with an appropriate skirt.  Like if I want to wear a tee shirt I wear a pencil skirt and heels.  It keeps the outfit appropriate while allowing me to be comfortable.  There are those times though when I may push too hard which is why I have at least two cardigans and a jacket in my car!  Now with a skirt this short I would tend to wear flats and not my wedges, but I wanted to show how this can transition to drinks with friends after work and still be fun.

Hope I gave you some good tips on work attire!  What is your go to attire for work?

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  1. Such a cute outfit! I love the bright colors and print on the skirt - so cute!


  2. Amazing post! I'm really loving your floral skirt, what a great find! :)

    XO Courtney


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