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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Weekend Travel

I wore this outfit recently on a weekend trip.  My mom and I drove to VA to visit my aunt.  I love going to my aunt's house, I don't feel guilty getting up with the sun, She ALWAYS serves amazing food, and it feels like a second home.  Plus let's not mention my FAV cousin lives with her!  Score.  So on the trip my mom and aunt needed to rest so my cuz and I went and got our nails done then walked around Target.  Just like home, right!  Anyhow, I used this bag as my travel bag.  It held a change of clothes, PJ's, makeup, etc.  Perfect for a weekend get away!  Of course I had my MK clutch for when we went out.  In order for my clothes to fit I folded them long ways. stacked them, and rolled them.  They took up such little space in the bag that way!  Typically when I travel for an overnight trip I only pack two spare tops (cause sometimes I can't choose) and rewear the jeans.

Now my tank is originally from Fab'rik so the link above is an option.
What are your travel go to's?
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  1. Love the pairing of the stripe tote with this outfit!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.


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