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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pool Party Fun

Cover Up (old from TJ Maxx)

Cover Up (old from TJ Maxx)

Pool season is upon us.  Which means you may be invited to one or more pool parties!  If your self conscious about your body, like I am, then you will want a good cover up!  I love this dress I found at TJ Maxx 4 years ago.  My mom and I went to the Bahamas and of course before the trip I worked out like crazy and went shopping.  I found this sheer cover up at TJ Maxx, purchased one for myself and one as a surprise for my mother.  We stayed in a resort which had outside eating for lunch.  I have to tell you even with outside eating I don't want to sit in my bikini and eat so this dress is perfect.  The sheer material is light weight and not too hot on those really hot days.  Plus it's elegant enough for a pool party that you aren't 100% sure how to dress.  One other thing I like to do is bring a cup of water (mostly ice), wear some pool jewelry (sea shells) and pack sun screen.  This sun screen is all natural from Young Living (made at a friends summer party).  After these pics were taken I got in the pool dress and all.  It dried quickly and I didn't have to show certain parts I'm not happy about.

What do you bring or wear to pool parties?

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  1. I love the colors of your cover up. It looks great and l like how flowy it is. Plus your sunnies are soo cute. We need to schedule a pool date soon.


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