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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Palazzo Fun

Pants / Chambray
Photography: Em Grey

So funny story about this outfit.....I was not prepared (probably the 2nd time in my life) for this shoot.  I had a handful of outfits together but ended up grabbing random items.  I had a different top picked out for these pants but it stopped short and you could see my stomach (which I hate).  Near the end of the shoot I was coming up short on outfits vs. what I brought and asked the girls there to help me.  Well Amy said "Why not the Chambray with these pants?"  At first I was like....hmm not sure I like that, but then I was out of options so I threw it on.  Funny thing is I love the way it looks and will totally pair my chambray with these pants in the future!  Just goes to show you that you don't always know how something will look unless you try it!  Also, it's important to mix things up.  Get outside that box!

If you follow on Snapchat (edfbylee) you know I started Physical Therapy for my Acute Tendentious (injury to the tendon in my heel).  Well all I can say is OUCH!  The therapist was wonderful and went over so much with me.  Then she said let's do some soft tissue work......she had me lay face down on a massage table and proceeded to massage my calf muscles.  OMG it hurt SO bad!  She just kept saying "Your doing great Lee, just breath deeply."  Um I sure hope I can get this figured out cause I don't want to go through that pain again!  Anyhow, I have these exercises I am suppose to do to keep the tendon loose, so far so good.  At least I have a quiet weekend ahead to let my muscles and tendon chill.

Do you have plans this weekend?

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  1. Those pants are so fun. They look super comfy too which is ­čĹŹChambray tops should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe because of how easily they can be dressed up or down. This weekend I am going to a sweet 16. I can't wait to see the choreographed dances they have planned. Have a great weekend Lee.

    1. Marly - I don't think I have ever been to a sweet 16! I hope you have fun! Yes a Chambray is a staple and everyone should own more than one!
      xo, Lee

  2. Hi Lee!
    Look at that last pose! I need to work on posing.. I have like 3 or 4 moves! Such pretty pants! Love the pattern and the comfort of these looks great too!

    thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx

  3. Love the print on these fun pants and chambray is totally a neutral in the summer time - it goes with everything!

  4. These pants are such a fun pattern, loving how you styled them here!!

    XO Courtney


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