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Monday, April 6, 2015

Hearts and Fringe

Top Fab'rik / Jeans Zara / MK Flats
Photography by Em Grey

I love making my fringe fly

Top Fab'rik / Jeans Zara / MK Flats

I never forget when I wore this top for the first time.  My husband was like - "I don't think I like that.  What's up with the shoulders?"  I slowly turned around and waited........He said "Yeah ok I like it".  Of course I wasn't wearing a bra. lol

I always feel more sensual when I wear fringe.  It's like yup I have swagger, see it swing!

I hope you had a great Easter weekend!  I had to work Friday, Saturday, and today.  Tax Season! :(
It's alright though.  I am taking April 23 and 24th off to relax and be apart of the Southern Women Show in Raleigh!  I'm so excited to walk a runway and get dolled up!  Not to mention on Saturday Randy from Say Yes To The Dress will be there and I will get to see him!

More Pieces of Me

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