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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Draped in Gold

It's odd to think a "hobby" has that much impact on your life, but it does.  Take for example my husband's Spring/Summer hobby - Fishing.  He comes home from work does a few things and heads to the pond to fish (about 50 feet from our house).  Me my "hobby" is blogging.  To me a hobby is an outlet.  I try to explain that to my man but he just points out how often I am on my phone.  Of course he doesn't understand social media so it's a loose-loose battle for me.  Anyhow, being Tax Season is over I can focus on my hobby and I find I still really love it!  Like yesterday when I went for my fitting for the Southern Women's Show modeling; I ran into a fellow blogger who will be modeling with me and we grabbed a drink.  It was so nice to see a fellow blogger and then grab a drink!  I hold my blogger friends dearest to my heart because we have the same passion!  

Sorry but this top and bag are both very old and any similar items I would find would be over the top expensive!

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