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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fun new Drink!

Sorry for the lack of picture's - Tax Season.
It's not an excuse until you work for a CPA firm during one.  CRAZY!
Let's just say I left home around 7am and didn't get home until almost 7pm!
Then I was back at the office at 7am today......UGH.

Anyhow, a very close friend of mine (who I call a brother) texted me a new drink he created at Starbucks.  He is the assistant manager and knows exactly what I like.

Here is what I told the Barista:
Youthberry Tea - Steep for 5 min then shake add ice
Pour over half tea & half lemonade
add classic and raspberry (1 pump each)
Shake and add ice.

SO SO Yummy!  It's like a berry lemon fruit explosion.  Now it takes a few minutes for it be made but it's well worth the wait.  A Grande was $3! (I got mine with a 30% off).

My gold sandals were a TJ Maxx find 3 years ago....However I am loving these
1 / 2/ 3

Happy Tuesday!

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