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Thursday, February 5, 2015


I haven't vanished on you.
Between Travel and Health issues I haven't had much time or energy.....
I will share some pic's via my iPhone though

Fuzzy Jacket / Leopard Tunic
Sunday I flew to St. Louis. 
Had training Monday and then got to meet Carylee for drinks

I wanted to go all out and get dressy - lace skirt, Ce La Vie Tee, Leather Moto, and Booties (oh let's not forget my LV bag!).

I love meeting other bloggers!  We have SO Much in common and because we can talk fashion and blogging the stress of meeting a new person is gone.  It's like instant sisterhood or something.

Then I get home and my hubby needs to go to the Dr.  He is still healing from his fractured ribs.  Luckily the Dr said his lung sounded great!  YAY!

I can't stress enough how important it is to get a yearly physical!  I did mine two weeks ago and we discovered I have high blood pressure.  Well it was so high yesterday (157/99) that I was light headed and got dizzy very easily.  I am heading to the Dr myself to see what he wants to do.  If you don't know high blood pressure can lead to heart issues or a stroke. With my father passing so young (60) from heart failure I am very worried about my heart.  If genetics has told me anything, it's not forgiving!  I will keep you posted as to my treatment.  The main concern is my age!

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