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Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm All For Staycations......But

Tax Season - Mother Nature, It's Tax Season!
Please stop sending this cold white stuff!
Thank you,

Oh I didn't want to stand this way to show my outfit.

No!!  Really, NO.  Don't you dare throw that snowball.

Come here boy.....Mommy wants to show you off. (who knows what my man was doing)

Ok, so I pack the snow like this to start the snowman?

Yup the boots came off and I headed in to sit by the fire.
Jacket - Zara / Sweater - J Crew / Leg Warmers - Target / MK Rain Boots
All items old - linked are similar

We got 7 inches of snow!!  Oh My!  Then to top it off our cable and internet were down. womp womp!  So my hubby, in an effort to not go stir crazy decided to get dressed and clean the steps off.  I decided to get dressed and go out with him.  Of course we had to bring the puppies...cause they are Fun in the snow!  I set my camera up and hit the timer - I thought these shots were hilarious!  I have placed captions of what I think when I see what we were doing under the pictures.

Anyhow, the cable was off till 3pm!  So we drank, listened to music, and tried not to kill each other.  School work you ask? Well I did a little.  No idea why I can't get motivated on these snow days.  It could be my new-old TV and STC DVD's.  When we got cable back we rented two movies - Fury and Lucy!  I loved each movie.  My hubby was upset Fury wasn't more "Historically Accurate".  Of course I had no clue.  I watch a movie for what it is, fun.

I hope you had a good Thursday and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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