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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Girl Chat

So I own two pair of jeans (Ditto, and AE "Boyfriend").  I can't wear jeans to work (either job). Which limits me on where I can wear them.  However, I feel I need a good pair...... Regular / Non-Distressed.
What's a girl to do?

AE "Boyfriend"
I read a lot of other blogs and have been watching what jeans they wear.  Sadly the jeans are over $100!  Which is way more than I want to spend on a single item of clothing!  Well unless it's Michael Kors and fabulous :)

Here are the jeans I have seen - $196 / $169 / $79.90

I am also worried about the fit.
I hate defining my body to a type but I am without a doubt a Triangle.  I have a belly (yes!  I really do, I just know how to hide it), a booty, and thick thighs.  I'm sure you will say you have more than I do and I won't argue with you if that's how you feel.  However, my problem is jeans!  I try on a pair and they fit perfect!  I sit down and the material stretches as my "extra" spreads out.  Then the material starts to relax and I now have a pair of jeans that won't 'snap' back into shape after one wear.  They become saggy or I find my self pulling the back up when I stand.  It's frustrating because I feel disheveled.

Yes, both my Ditto's and AE jeans have stretched in the problem area's and I find myself pulling on them when I can actually wear them.  So how does one find the perfect pair of jeans?  Then how do you find those jeans in my price range?   I hate (yes, hate) trying on clothes.  Typically I will purchase something and take it home.  If I don't like it I will return it.

I have a goal for this Spring to find "my" perfect pair!!  I will keep you posted and would love any advice or feedback you have!!!

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