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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Welcome to my not so glamorous life!
I love fashion challenges but with my schedule they just aren't realistic for a whole month.
So I found a 5 day challenge and it was so fun!!  This day was Vests and Scarves!
I loved wearing all white with the pop, like this scarf!

Hello with more bright colors!  YAY - this day was button down and cardigans.  Sadly none of my cardi's would fit over this who would want to cover this top up?!?  So excited I grabbed this up during a major J Crew sale!
Top - J Crew / Pants AE (here) / Flats AE
All old - links are for similar items.

This past weekend my husband was in the hospital for a collapsed lung and broken ribs.
I set up shop in his room and stayed by his side.  There is nothing worse than being in the hospital by yourself!  So I threw on these pants and grabbed my school work.  It made things easier to have some normalcy while he was there. 

Tip: When in a Hospital take a moment to scout out the place!  I found a Starbucks and was in heaven.  I could get my man his much needed coffee along with mine each morning and then refreshers in the afternoon!  Also, I highly recommend bringing some things from home.  You can see my zebra blanket which saved me when his room got cold.  Those hospital blankets are itchy.
Top here - Love this top and will order in more colors!  So SO soft and comfortable!

Wednesday I went into work for a few hours and had this coat arrive
OMG is it Warm and Soft!  I will be wearing this to on my trip to St. Louis this weekend!  I'm excited to meet a fellow blogger and see the big Arch!

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