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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Black Out

Love a good black outfit!  It is slimming, and flattering.  Not to mention it looks nicer than what the pieces would look like in other colors. This outfit came as an inspiration via pinterest, only the person wearing it was in a tan faux fur vest.  I love this look, it's so slimming! Oh wait I said that already, lol

Oh let me tell you my current weight loss trick......Eat Grapefruit each morning!  Yup it aids in digestion and weight loss.  Who would have thought a simple fruit could make a difference but let me tell you it does!  I am down 2lbs just by eating it for breakfast!  No exercise, no other major!

Quick update - I don't do resolutions.  However, I do try to better myself each year!  This year I signed up for TheSkimm daily emails.  This is how I stay current on politics, major news, and well things like "C Wonder is closing all stores"!!!  OMG I know right.  Of course what comes to my mind is how much will their stuff be marked down?

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  1. Love this! Perfect monochrome look!!

  2. Swaeeet Lee!
    Love the all black look on you, the fur and the sexy booties. Happy 2015
    from the link up
    please stopby, jess xx

  3. I love this all black look and your amazing vest!! I'm super sad about C Wonder, but I've already taken advantage of the sale :)



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