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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Slipping into casual

I had to force myself out of my warm bed this weekend to go grocery shopping.  You would think with all the Turkey Day food we would be ok.....Nope!  We needed all the essentials (milk, coffee).
So I slipped on a very comfortable casual outfit to run to the store.  While out I thought the day was beautiful and stopped for some pictures.  Not the best idea!  The wind started to blow and the sun was blinding me....Anyhow, here is what I was able to actually snap.

 see my eye's were closed - lol

yup it's a cold wind

What a week and it's only Hump Day! UGH - I know I only have myself to blame.  I was so excited to earn extra money this month and since class' end next week......I took all the shifts at my PT job that I could manage - hello I don't have a day off this month!  Crazy, right!  I only have myself to blame.

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